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    Главная » 2011 » Май » 27 » Atalar sozleri ingilis dilinde
    Atalar sozleri ingilis dilinde
    1. My eye does not drink water from you ? Gozum sennen su ichmir 
    2. Keep your heart like ice = Do not worry ? Ureyini buz kimi saxla 
    3. White beard = Usually old man who can give clever advice -agsaggal 
    4. Go and cry day for yourself = Take care about your future ? get ozune gun agla 
    5. Breadmoney = Money necessary for your survival - chorekpulu 
    6. He(she) is my soul-liver ? O menim janim-jiyerimdir 
    7. In what day you are ? Ne gundesen 
    8. in a dog day ? It gununde 
    9. Eatingdrinking = Party ? Yeyib-ichmek 
    10. To jumpfall = to treat quite aggressive ? Attanib-dushmek 
    11. I am collected to throat from your hand =I am bothered of you ?Seninelinnen bogaza yigilmisham
    12. Collect yourself = Keep your behaviour better ? Ozunu yigishdir 
    13. Do not loose yourself ? Ozunu itirme 
    14. Come to yourself ? Ozune gel 
    15. His(her) heart has gone ? Ureyi getdi 
    16. To make rotten a bill = To come to the final decision ? Meseleni churutmek 
    17. To return emptyhand - Elibosh gayitmag 
    18. Do not speak overshort = when you give confidential information or when your behaviour is not proper ( for example you are drank) ?Artig-eskik danishma
    19. The air came to your head = To become crazy ? Bashina hava gelib 
    20. Let God make povetry's face black ? Allah kassibchiligin uzun gara elesin 
    21. He(She) opened game on my head = You fallen in bad situation because of
    him(her) ? Bashima oyun achdi
    22. Do not make white = Be realistic ? Ag eleme 
    23. Week is eight I am nine - Hefte sekkiz, men dogguz 
    24. I will eat your soul, I will cut lamb for you, I will eat your eyes when you ask somebody to do something) - Janivi yeyim, sene guzu kesim gyozuvu yeyim 25. Always you have a place on my eyes = You show your hospitality-Hemishe gyozum uste yerin var 
    26. Nobody can say you have a brow above your eyes - Gozun uste gashin var deyen olmaz 
    27. Clean conversation = sincere conversation - Temiz sohbet 
    28. Job, force = How are you - Ishin, gujun 
    29. What you have what you don't have = How are you - Ne var, ne yokh 
    30. My heart fell down = I am scared - Ureyim dushdu 
    31. Let us go to eat one slice of bread = Invitation to lunch - Gedek bir tike chorek yiyek 
    32. Ash on your man's head = blaming you in case you did something wrong -Kul sanin kishi bashina 
    33. Let stone fall on his head = a similar blaming - Bashina dash dushsun 
    34. Let your head drown = blaming - Bashin batsin 
    35. Fastgoing - Berkgeden 
    36. Mouse is dancing in your pocket - Jibinde sichan gezir 
    37. Action from you harvest from me - Sennen hereket, mennen bereket 
    38. Let dog be carrier = When you loose money and try to relax - It paran olsun 
    39. I was cutting bread and salt with him = you had friendship for a long time - Onunla duz chorek kesmishem 
    40. To beat dog on the streets = to be unemployed - Kuchede it doyme
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